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Chiptuning News

The new entry-level version at AMG, the A35 AMG read more
  • Mercedes A-Class (W177) A35 AMG 4MATIC

It is positive that the A35 is not just an A-Class. In order to increase its sportiness, the body reinforcement on the front ...

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VW Crafter II 2.0 TDI chiptuning read more
  • VW Crafter II 2.0 TDI

The Crafter now almost feels like driving a car. The newly developed 2.0 diesel engines are available in variants from 102 to...

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The new Mercedes GLE 350 de being tested at CPA read more
  • Mercedes GLE-Class (V167) GLE350de 4MATIC

So-called plug-in hybrids are the vehicles of time. The combination of the range of a combustion engine in connection with an...

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Majestic 12-cylinder with off-road ambitions read more
  • Bentley Bentayga

The fastest SUV in the world really has everything your heart desires. Pure and modern luxury in the interior a 608 hp 12-...

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Zotye T600 in the CPA test read more
  • Zotye T600 1.5T

An SUV for the price and quality-conscious customers, almost nothing to be desired. Modern optics and high quality equipment ...

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Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi chiptuning read more
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi

The Ford Ranger has long been a classic in the USA. The pick-up is also very popular in this country - especially among those...

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Nissan Navara IV (D231) 2.3 dCi chiptuning read more
  • Nissan Navara IV (D231) 2.3 dCi

Nissan Navara - Pick UP of the upper middle class, as standard with top equipment with leather interior, LED headlights, ...

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Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi chiptuning read more
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi

The Ford Ranger 2.2 Diesel with 160 PS is a handy monster. One of the most popular pick-ups alongside the Nissan Navara and ...

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DFSK Glory 580 in the test at CPA Performance read more
  • DFSK Glory 580

How is the new Glory 580 from the manufacturer Dongfeng from China doing? The seven-seater SUV in the format of a Skoda ...

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The new lifestyle truck VW Arteon Shooting Brake being tested at CPA Performance read more
  • VW Arteon 2.0 TDI SCR

Certainly the new star in the VW showroom. A real feast for the eyes. The Arteon combines elegance with combination qualities...

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The new AMG G 63 is by no means a softie read more
  • Mercedes G-Class (W463) G 63 AMG

The values ​​of the new G 63 speak for themselves. The new 4-liter 8-cylinder with twin-scroll turbo develops 585 hp and ...

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The new Golf 8 with mild hybrid at CPA Performance read more
  • VW Golf VIII (CD) 1.4 TSI GTE eHybrid

The designation eTSI reveals that the Golf 8 petrol engine has a mild hybrid system and a 48 volt electrical system in ...

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The Golf 8 with the 2.0 TDI engine is convincing read more
  • VW Golf VIII Variant (CD) 2.0 TDI

Visually, the 8th generation of the Golf simply remains itself, which looks very good on it. On the other hand, the Golf 8 ...

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The new, innovative S-Class exclusively from CPA read more
  • Mercedes S-Class (W223) S500

Once again, the CPA Performance shows that it is the leading provider in the exclusive area of ​​chiptuning. Fresh from ...

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Golf GTI VIII chiptuning read more
  • VW Golf VIII (CD) GTI

The new GTI looks more aggressive and modern. The front with the honeycomb-shaped air inlets and the distinctive light bar is...

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Land Rover Range Rover V8 Supercharged Chiptuning read more
  • Land Rover Range Rover V8 Supercharged

The Land Rover V8 is convincing. The newly developed six-speed automatic from ZF has a very positive effect, as the ...

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Mercedes C-Class (W205) AMG C63 S Chiptuning read more
  • Mercedes C-Class (W205) AMG C63 S

The Mercedes AMG C63s W205 is further proof of the performance of the CPA engineers, who have optimized the C63s by 90 PS and...

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The BMW 218i Active Tourer in the long-term test read more
  • BMW 2er Active Tourer (F45) 218i (2018)

At CPA Performance, this BMW van was taken for a long-term test. This much is known already, BMW traditionalists have to be ...

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Porsche 911 991 Turbo S PedalBox read more
  • Porsche 911 991 Turbo S

The innovations such as active engine mounts, rear axle steering, roll compensation, active spoilers, ceramic brakes and the ...

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Mazda CX-5 chiptuning read more
  • Mazda CX-5 (II/KF) 2.2 SKYACTIV-D AWD

After a gentle facelift the popular CX-5 from Mazda is in top shape. Many little helpers, such as the Matrix LED headlights, ...

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VW T-Roc R 4Motion Chiptuning read more
  • VW T-Roc R 4Motion

The T-Roc R, a really successful mini SUV from VW. With the R variant, VW has made the standard model, which is considered ...

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