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Throttle pedal tuning

Throttle pedal tuning - From fuel savings to noticeable more acceleration, prepared for every driving situation

A sporty throttle response and thus more driving fun with the throttle pedal tuning. A perfect addition to chiptuning, but also a real experience on its own. With throttle pedal tuning, the delay in the throttle pedal signal is reduced. This leads to a sportier acceptance of the gas and a lot more driving pleasure. The engineers and technicians at CPA have developed complex software that digitally optimizes the parameters of the throttle pedal signal. As with chiptuning, the software is individually adapted for each car. The multi-processor-system, which was developed and patented by CPA Chiptuning, has reduced the risk of failure by a factor of a thousand. The CPA engineers achieve this through a test logic of the mutual control of the two processors.

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