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Chiptuning McLaren

Chiptuning McLaren - The British sports car group which was founded in 1987 by the iconic racing driver Bruce McLaren has always been a legend on the road. Its significant successes shaped the history of the company to this day. Take for example the F1 which came out in 1997 and still holds the record as the fastest vehicle in series production with a naturally aspirated engine. In 2004 McLaren collaborated with Mercedes Benz to build a new Car which is available in a coupé and roadster version, the SLR.The companies origins in racing make the parallel to Chiptuning McLaren clear.

McLaren chiptuning - Ever since the market introduction of the legendary F1 and several successes in Formula 1 everyone knows the British sports car manufacturer from Working. Here one can recognize first connections to McLaren chiptuning. The current company evolved in 1989 from the McLaren Racing racing team to the production of road vehicles to devote. The latest model is dedicated to the casualty racing legend Ayrton Senna and delivers 800 horsepower, a prime contender for McLaren chiptuning.

McLaren chiptuning - The UK-based brand is known worldwide for its radical sports cars, as well as racing successes and its Formula 1 racing team. Founded in 1989 from the Formula 1 racing team McLaren Racing, the F1 was already presented in 1993 which makes a worldwide name as the fastest and strongest production automobile. Here are first parallels to McLaren chiptuning recognizable. We develop specific McLaren chiptuning for various models such as 720S and Senna. Current models are divided into three "series", the numbers represent the respective engine power.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
McLaren 540C 3799 ccm 540 HP 397 kW 540 Nm
McLaren 570GT 3799 ccm 570 HP 419 kW 600 Nm
McLaren 570S 3799 ccm 570 HP 419 kW 600 Nm
McLaren 570Spider 3799 ccm 570 HP 419 kW 600 Nm
McLaren 650S 3799 ccm 650 HP 478 kW 680 Nm
McLaren 650S Spider 3799 ccm 650 HP 478 kW 680 Nm
McLaren 720S 3994 ccm 717 HP 527 kW 770 Nm
McLaren 720S 3994 ccm 717 HP 527 kW 770 Nm
McLaren MP4-12C 3799 ccm 625 HP 460 kW 600 Nm
McLaren MP4-12C 3799 ccm 608 HP 447 kW 572 Nm
Model series

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