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Chiptuning Luxgen

Luxgen Chiptuning - In 2009, this brand was established as a subsidiary of Yulon Motor. The company is headquartered in Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan. The name consists of two words: "luxury" and "genius". According to this we developed our Luxgen Chiptuning. Offering 6 models today Luxgen delivers cars for every taste and need. Our highly developed software for Luxgen Chiptuning adds extra fun.

Luxgen chiptuning - The Luxgen brand was introduced by Yulon Motors in 2009. It should stand above all for luxurious cars, the name is composed of luxury and genius. Initially sold only in Taiwan, but now also e.g. in Russia or in Iran. Latest models are S3 or V7. The S3 is a compact sedan which is also available fully electric. Luxgen chiptuning is an interesting option here. The V7 is a wheelchair-developed minivan based on the M7, and here we can imagine Luxgen chiptuning.

Luxgen chiptuning - The name is made up of "luxury" and "genius", the brand itself was founded in 2009. The Taiwan-based manufacturer Yulon wants to penetrate the highly competitive luxury-class segment. Of course, power should not be missing here and therefore Luxgen chiptuning was developed. Current models such as the S3, a small car positioned below the S5, are particularly suitable for Luxgen chiptuning. All cars are well equipped above average.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Luxgen 1.8T 1798 ccm 170 HP 125 kW 256 Nm G18TG
Luxgen L5 1.8T 1798 ccm 179 HP 132 kW 256 Nm G18TG
Luxgen L7 2.2T 2198 ccm 201 HP 148 kW 295 Nm G22TG
Luxgen M7 2.2T 2198 ccm 201 HP 148 kW 295 Nm G22TG
Luxgen M7 MPV 2.0T 1998 ccm 170 HP 125 kW 275 Nm
Luxgen U6 SUV 1.8T 1798 ccm 179 HP 132 kW 256 Nm G18TG
Model series
1.8 T

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