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Chiptuning GWM

Chiptuning GWM - stands for Great-Wall-Motors, based in Baoding - derived by the Great-Wall of China, mediates longevity, engine tuning brings power along. Established 1976, mainly produced small cars, vans and pickups. 2010 came so-called Voreex C30, a notchback sedan. Among other things, first company from Asia, which operates an assembly plant trucks to Europe. Chiptuning GWM - enthusiasm pure!

GWM chiptuning - GWM also called Great Wall is a Chinese car manufacturer based in Hebei existing since 1967. Name and emblem should convey robustness and longevity. This fits GWM chiptuning. The group was the first Chinese to operate an assembly plant in the EU with a location in Bulgaria. Mainly small cars and limousines are produced, but also vans and pick-ups. If power is lacking, GWM chiptuning is an option for you.

GWM chiptuning - often referred to as Great Wall Automobile, is one of China's largest emerging automotive producers. Brand emblem and name should remind of the robustness and longevity of the Great Wall of China. Products are mainly SUVs, small cars and pickups. Sport Utility cars are sold under the name Haval or Wey - for both we specifically offer GWM chiptuning. GWM produces cars for the European market in its own factory in Bulgaria and since 2016 has also had a development center in Dietzenbach, Hesse. We are looking forward to the development of the Chinese manufacturer and look forward to GWM chiptuning.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
GWM Haval H5 2.5 TCI 2499 ccm 109 HP 80 kW 300 Nm
GWM Hover 2.8 TCI 2771 ccm 116 HP 85 kW 285 Nm
GWM Wingle 5 2.5 TCI 2499 ccm 109 HP 80 kW 300 Nm
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Model series

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