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Now with new software
Better throttle response
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Our PedalBox features the new Multy-Processor-System. Thus you will immediately feel the much better throttle response. Easily adjustable from racy to economic - upon simple choice per button!
At the same time the PedalBox contributes to a maximum safety level while driving. Two processors work with maximum performance for your safety. Our engineers have developed a highly sophisticated check routine that makes the processor controlling each other all the time. This way we achieve a plus in security by a factor of roughly 1,000!

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Sporty throttle response

With the PedalBox you can control your throttle pedal much better. The response of the engine develops much more dynamics - just as you dose it!


The most important feature for your safety. Our engineers have developed an ingenious control mechanism, the logic of which ensures mutual control of both processors. This reduces the risk of default by 1.000 times.

Perfect complement to Chiptuning

The optimized response through our PedalBox is the perfect complement to Chiptuning.


patented system

The most important feature for your safety. Our engineers have developed an ingenious control mechanism, the logic of which ensures mutual control of both processors. This reduces the risk of default by 1.000 times.

Racing technology

Racing technology

Experience in racing

The management and development team at CPA Chiptuning can look back on more than 40 years of racing experience in motorsport. These included Formula 2 (EC), World Championship races in motorcycle racing, go-kart racing, Supermoto and most recently the national Superbike class.

Optimization at the throttle

  • Sport+

    very racy pedal response

  • Sport

    sporty pedal response

  • Factory

    near-series pedal response

  • Eco

    delayed pedal response

  • Eco II

    comfortable pedal response

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  • Characteristic map optimization with individual software

    With CPA Chiptuning, you always receive a software that is exactly matched to your engine or car. A readjustment is therefore no longer necessary. This makes it possible to make better use of the power reserves of your engine without restricting longevity. Digital map optimization optimizes tuning data in real time.

    Easy installation of the PedalBox


    Release the throttle pedal: If necessary, remove the throttle pedal from the fitting to reach the connector.


    Pull the original plug off the throttle pedal.


    Insert the supplied wiring harness (adapter) between the throttle pedal and the original plug connection.


    Connect the PedalBox to the supplied wiring harness.


    Fix the throttle pedal. Be sure to ensure proper installation of the throttle pedal and correct routing of the cable connections.


    If desired, you can fix the PedalBox in a suitable place with the supplied adhesive strip.

  • Chiptuning: Complex technique. Easy installation. Great effect.

    What is still defined today as chiptuning, the technique of CPA has long developed from "simple" chiptuning. Rather, it involves complex algorithms whose software is developed by engineers and combined with know-how applied by our experienced technicians, resulting in a customized power increase for your car.

    The focus is on the harmony between hardware and car-specific software. That's why you as a customer can be sure to get the best possible performance increase at CPA.

    Our claim: maximum performance and maximum safety perfectly combined for your car!

  • The different engines

    Chiptuning at the turbo petrol engine

    In modern turbocharged petrol engines, the electronic and electronic control of the engine is playing an increasingly important role.

    The engine control unit processes data from many sensors and thereby calculates, e.g. the required injection quantity, the required boost pressure, the desired ignition timing, etc.

    Thereby data is read out and processed by numerous sensors.

    In order to achieve a power and consumption optimization, these parameters must be optimized. CPA relies on the specially developed engine-specific software, which ensures a subsequent change of the factory-set control parameters. By optimizing the engine data, the power is noticeably increased and consumption is reduced.

    The result of precisely tuned and optimized parameters is a noticeable increase in power and efficiency. All relevant engine data is recorded, checked and optimized in real time - but only if the driver also retrieves the power.

    Even during the power increase, all protection and control functions of the control unit remain active.

    Chiptuning at the turbo diesel

    Modern turbo diesel engines already have been electronically monitored and controlled by an engine control unit for decades. The controller detects countless values such as Injection quantity, injection timing, boost pressure, speed, etc. These data are included in the control and monitoring of the engine.

    The CPA tuning module collects all relevant data directly to the engine sensors and reads out information on injection quantity, injection timing, boost pressure, speed, etc. The parameters are optimized in real time in fractions of a second by the map optimization software developed by us and forwarded to the engine control unit. This calculates new values with the data of our tuning module and at the same time adapts the remaining maps of the engine. As a result, the manufacturer's control unit retains control of your engine at all times, meaning that the safety and protection systems remain active.

    The added power of your engine is achieved by the targeted real-time optimization of the engine signals. The efficiency and the performance potential of your engine are noticeably increased by our optimization control unit.

  • Characteristic map optimization on the gas pedal

    Our ingenious software, specially developed for your throttle pedal, optimizes the characteristic map of your throttle pedal as desired. Put our PedalBox in sports mode. As shown in the diagram on the left, you will experience your car again with unsurpassed liveliness and sporty throttle response. Switching to comfort mode (Eco II) allows fuel-efficient driving and can be of great help in city traffic and traffic congestion.

Our car tests

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