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Chiptuning BAIC BJ20

Chiptuning BAIC BJ20 - The Chinese SUV by the Beijing Automotiv Group is available at the market since 2016. It based on the Senova X65 and in the model range it is below the BJ40. The production finds place in Zhenjiang, China. The 1.5 liter inline four-cylinder with turbocharger from Mitsubishi Motors produces 150 hp. It is powered by a 6-speed manual transmission as standard. An automatic transmission is also available as an option. In addition to China, the BJ20 is also sold in Latin America, including Mexico. In Germany, the car is available via the importer Indimo. For more Power use Chiptuning BAIC BJ20.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
BAIC BJ20 1.5T 1499 ccm 136 HP 100 kW 210 Nm 4A91T

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