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Chiptuning Audi A7 (C8)

The new Audi A7 (C8) is enjoying a very special facelift. Its clear lines and powerful rear speak volumes. The new continuous rear light does the rest and makes the bottom more than aesthetic, at least that's how we see the successful upgrade. We put the finishing touches on with the Audi A7 (C8) chiptuning and get some extra horses from the beautiful Ingolstadt. The power reserves are consistently suitable for an Audi A7 (C8) chiptuning. Convince yourself of our Audi A7 (C8) chiptuning.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Audi A7 (C8) 40 TDI 1968 ccm 204 HP 150 kW 400 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) 45 TDI 2967 ccm 231 HP 170 kW 500 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) 50 TDI 2967 ccm 286 HP 210 kW 620 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) S7 TDI 2967 ccm 349 HP 257 kW 700 Nm
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Audi A7 (C8) 1.8 TFSI 1798 ccm 190 HP 140 kW 320 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) 3.0 TFSI 2995 ccm 340 HP 250 kW 500 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) 45 TFSI 1984 ccm 245 HP 180 kW 370 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) 55 TFSI e 1984 ccm 252 HP 185 kW 370 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) RS7 3996 ccm 600 HP 441 kW 800 Nm
Audi A7 (C8) S7 2894 ccm 450 HP 331 kW 600 Nm

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