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Chiptuning Alfa Romeo 145

Chiptuning Alfa Romeo 145 in 1994 Alfa introduced the new 145 series. The at the time Alfa design chief Ermanno Cressoni gave the 145 a modern look. The motorization ranged from 90 to 129 hp for the gasoline engines. The 2.0 liter turbo-charged Diesel brings it to 90 hp. In December 1996, the engine range was changed from boxer to inline four-cylinder. Another facelift took place in October 1998 with significant modifications to the interior and even more powerful ones Engines up to 155 hp.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Alfa Romeo 145 1.9 JTD 1910 ccm 105 HP 77 kW 255 Nm
Alfa Romeo 145 2.0 TD 1929 ccm 90 HP 66 kW 186 Nm
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
Alfa Romeo 145 1.4 T. Spark 1370 ccm 103 HP 76 kW 124 Nm
Alfa Romeo 145 1.6 T. Spark 1598 ccm 120 HP 88 kW 144 Nm
Alfa Romeo 145 1.8 T. Spark 1747 ccm 144 HP 106 kW 169 Nm
Alfa Romeo 145 2.0 T. Spark 1970 ccm 155 HP 114 kW 187 Nm

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