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Engine-specific power increase

Maybach GLS-Class (X167) GLS600 chiptuning

Maybach GLS 600, this is how real SUV luxury works. Here Mercedes proves its ability again. If you think there is already everything in a luxury SUV, then the Mercedes developers always go one better. The focus is on the passengers of the noble Maybach GLS 600. Noise reduction in every driving situation and a specially developed Maybach driving mode should take the passengers away from any perception of starting and accelerating. In order to make getting in and out of the noble SUV status-appropriate, there are illuminated running boards which are hidden under the body when not in use. The Maybach is equipped with a V8 biturbo engine with 558 HP and 730 NM, additional power is available with the EQ Boost (22 PS) the new nine-speed automatic works sensationally. CPA Performance has developed a special power upgrade for the Maybach which provides the noble SUV with an additional 120 NM and almost 100 HP.

performance diagram Maybach GLS-Class (X167) GLS600

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