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Chiptuning for Trumpchi GS4

We optimize the Chinese SUV and achieve a great increase in power

The Trumpchi is an inexpensive SUV, the little brother of the Trumpchi GS 5, which is known in Asia. In terms of appearance and quality, the GS 4 does not need to hide from its big brother. With the tuning, up to 42 HP and 65 Nm could be achieved from the 1.5 liter four-cylinder. You want to drive with a larger caravan, no problem, but please with a little more CPA POWER. On gradients or especially when overtaking, our tuning offers important power for the moment, as soon as you roll straight, the tuning switches off again. Even when driving at full throttle, our Engine Safe System regulates the tuning down to protect the engine. That is chiptuning Trumpchi in 2020.

performance diagram Trumpchi GS4 1.5T

Trumpchi : Further testing

  • Trumpchi GS5 1.8T

Use our PowerBox for Trumpchi chiptuning. Great additional power with our tuning for your Trumpchi GS5.

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