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This is how downsizing is fun: Chiptuning Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST

On paper, the new Ford Fiesta sounds underpowered for a ST, but from the first corner all the skepticism is blown away. The 1.5-liter EcoBoost petrol engine provides standard 200 hp and 290 NM. The three-cylinder turns joyfully high, develops at any rpm neat pressure. But the three-cylinder still has a lot of potential, CPA brings these power reserves to light. By means of engine-specific software of the CPA PowerBox, the power can be increased up to 247 hp and 359 NM. The Ford Fiesta turns even more sparkling and still runs cultivated and remains suitable for everyday use. The fuel consumption can also be positively influenced by the chip tuning of CPA, with corresponding driving whiffs up to 1L / 100KM are possible. Convince yourself of our products.

performance diagram Ford Fiesta (VIII) ST

Ford : Further testing

  • Ford Mondeo V 2.0 EcoBlue

Adapted chiptuning with the CPA ConnectiveSystem with different power levels. The CPA PedalBox brings more driving fun and a better response of the throttle pedal.

  • Ford Focus III (DYB) 1.5 TDCi

We recommend the CPA Connective System for the Ford Focus III (DYB) 1.5 TDCi. The different power levels and the changed response of the throttle pedal bring new driving pleasure.

  • Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi

Engine-specific software development and long-term tests for the Ford Ranger to increase power with our PowerBox. An additional output of 30 HP and 80 Nm can be achieved with the CPA PowerBox for the Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi.

  • Ford Galaxy III 2.0 EcoBlue

If you are going on vacation with your family, we recommend our CPA Connective System for your Ford Galaxy for a relaxed trip. Choose different power levels as needed to be comfortable, fuel efficient or sporty.

  • Ford Kuga II 2.0 TDCi

CPA PowerBox, PedalBox and ConnectiveSystem for the Ford Kuga II 2.0 TDCi to increase power and for throttle pedal tuning. Choose CPA Performance and test the power increase today.

  • Ford Puma 20 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid

More power of up to 30 PS and 40 Nm with the CPA PowerBox for your Ford Puma 20 1.0 Ecoboost Hybrid. Engine-specific developed chiptuning for a safer extra power.

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