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Chiptuning TATA

Chiptuning TATA - largest Indian automobile manufacturer, based Mumbai, founded 1945, mainly produce locomotives. Due to a cooperation with "Daimler-Benz AG" in 1954 first commercial vehicle, could leave their company. Since 2007 Tata-Motors & MDI are working on development of a compressed air cars. Among them models Indica, Indigo and Nano. The latter, like name suggests - namely dwarf - Smallest four-door, driven by a twin-cylinder engine. Chiptuning TATA determined, something for everyone.

TATA chiptuning - The biggest car manufacturer in India belongs to the TATA Group and was founded in 1945. Initially, the company produced locomotives and construction cars. When Mercedes-Benz joined forces in 1954, the first commercial car was launched. This is the foundation for TATA chiptuning. In 2008, TATA acquired the trademark rights to Land Rover and Jaguar. Newer models include cars such as Indica Vista, Aria or the microcar Nano. The latter is particularly interesting for its power optimization with TATA chiptuning.

TATA chiptuning - TATA Motors is the largest car manufacturer in India. Through a cooperation with Daimler-Benz in 1954 a first commercial car could be produced. In 2008, the company bought the two brands Land Rover and Jaguar. TATA chiptuning can improve power. It produces buses, trucks and vans. With the Nano 2009 they wanted to offer the Indian market a low-cost alternative to mopeds and scooters, the project was discontinued in 2018. We offer a variety of options for TATA chiptuning.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
TATA Indica 1.3 Quadrajet 1248 ccm 75 HP 55 kW 190 Nm 169 A2.000
TATA Indica 1.4 DiCOR 1396 ccm 69 HP 51 kW 140 Nm
TATA Indigo QUADRAJET90 1248 ccm 91 HP 67 kW 200 Nm
TATA Safari 2.2 DiCOR 2179 ccm 140 HP 103 kW 320 Nm
TATA Safari 3.0 DiCOR 2956 ccm 116 HP 85 kW 300 Nm
TATA Sumo 2.2 DiCOR 2179 ccm 120 HP 88 kW 250 Nm
TATA Xenon TL 2.2 DiCOR 2179 ccm 140 HP 103 kW 320 Nm
TATA Xenon TL 3.0 DiCOR 2956 ccm 116 HP 85 kW 300 Nm
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID

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