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Chiptuning MG

MG Chiptuning - "Morris Garages" - originally founded England (Oxford). After 1984, last was built, there´s China in 2005, a completely new beginning 2010 conquered with a 1.8 liter engine and European market. They come form of hatchback & notchback. Since 2011 model "6" offered as a enhaced turbo version, corresponding higher, better, stronger performance. Incredible much more power is the connection to MG Chiptuning. Result increase fits very well.

MG chiptuning - The English car producer produced roadsters and sports cars in England until 2005. In 2005, Nanjing Automobile bought the manufacturer and in 2007 three new cars were presented. Here is MG chiptuning an option. The new models will be sold exclusively in China and partially back in the UK. If you are looking for more performance in your MG, you might find it with MG chiptuning.

MG chiptuning - 1923 the British brand was founded as Moris Garages Ind Oxford and initially produced small sports vehicles. According to their determination, the models were used in motorsport, even quite successful. First connections to MG Chiptuning become visible. 2005 followed the bankruptcy of the company and the sale to the Chinese manufacturer Nanjing. New models are sold in China as well as England. MG chiptuning can increase the power of your sports car.

Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
MG ZT135/ZT135+ CDTi 1951 ccm 131 HP 96 kW 300 Nm 204D2
Car designation Capacity HP kW Nm Engine-ID
MG G10 2.0T 1995 ccm 218 HP 160 kW 345 Nm 20L4E
MG GS 1.5T 1490 ccm 162 HP 119 kW 250 Nm 15E4E
MG HS 30T 1995 ccm 231 HP 170 kW 360 Nm
MG MG 3 1.3 1343 ccm 90 HP 66 kW 118 Nm
MG MG 3 1.5 1498 ccm 106 HP 78 kW 135 Nm
MG MG 6 1.5T 1490 ccm 162 HP 119 kW 250 Nm 15E4E
MG MG 6 1.8T 1796 ccm 160 HP 118 kW 215 Nm 18K4G
Model series
MG 3
MG 6

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